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Toddler Trikes

 toddler trikes

 toddler bike

 toddler trikes

Finding the perfect piece of entertainment for our kids can be confusing. As they grow old, they demand for more challenging stuff that can catch their attention and occupy their time.


The problem is not with the items or toys you provide kids, but it’s their attitude towards their toys. They easily get bored on ordinary toys forcing parents to resort to other alternatives.


How about toddler trikes? They would definitely find it interesting and never will they get bored of it after playing for a couple of hours.


If adults have mountain and BMX and road bikes, then kids also have their toddler trikes for their pleasure. For the record, a toddler trike (or toddler tricycle) is a three wheeled vehicle used for different purposes.


While they are very common for kids, these vehicles have also their functions for adults that need to transport light to heavy objects. 

There are two main makes of toddler tricycles available in many stores. There is the plastic toddler trike made entirely of plastic and the steel framed bike whose frame is made of steel.


Each of the makes has its own advantages and disadvantages. Metal framed tricycles are more durable than plastics however it can be expensive and a bit more dangerous to kids. 


 toddler trike

 toddler tricycles

toddler tricycle

The main advantage of plastic toddler bikes is its weight. By the nature of plastic, finish products come very handy that kids find it easy to lift and relocate anytime they want. However, this advantage is countered by the weakness of plastic.


Toddler tricycles purely made with plastics have a higher tendency to warping. Another disadvantage of plastic toddler tricycles is its weight capacity. In most cases, locks for plastic trikes often slip off when used by children with considerable weight. 


Metal or steel framed bikes are more rigid and robust make of toddler trikes. However, metals are prone to rusting which can ruin a part of the tricycle or the entire bike. 


The wheels of these bikes are not like those attached on mountain bikes and other vehicles designed for adults. A toddler trike is often attached with full rubberized wheels that do not deflate. Rubberized wheels can even last longer than the frame of a steel framed toddler tricycle.



On the other hand, there are also wheels that are made from plastic. Toddler bikes molded with plastic are usually attached with plastic wheels to match the design. 


The design of toddler bikes is kid-friendly. Most trikes do not come with chains like other designs of bikes, but there are also those that are made with chains. To make it move, the pedals are attached to the front wheel where force is applied. By pushing the right and left pedal alternately, a child can make the tricycle run. 


The push bar is an important addition to toddler bikes, and both the Kettler Kettrike bike and Fisher Price trikes discussed on this site offer that feature. While many are sold without push bars, parents must consider one for their child especially if the child is still on the process of learning how to use the trike. 


The distance of the seat and the pedals in a tricycle should also be considered. The farther the seat is away the pedals, the less force that a child can apply to the front wheel, which results to less movement of the vehicle. This can also be inconvenient to some kids who are unable to make a full turn of the front wheel due to the distance of the seat.


 toddler bike

 toddler tricycle

 toddler bikes

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